If you look at the basic color circle you will notice that he is distinct on 12 pieces (colors): primary, secondary and tertiary colors and their differences in brightness.

color wheel

color wheel

With Red on the top circle of color is made of three primary colors: Red, Yellow and Blue. Those three colors close triangle inside a circle of colors. Three secondary colors are: Orange, Purple and Green. They turned from mixing primary colors and in a circle of color they are in between them completing another triangle. Tertiary colors that are result of mixing primary and secondary colors are: Red orange, Yellow orange, Yellow green, Blue green, Blue purple and Red purple.

Complementary colors-if you look the circle of color, the color that is diagonally opposite of one color is compliment of that color. Complementary pairs are: Red-Green, Blue-Orange, and Yellow-Purple. Complementary colors clash each other due to the fact that none contains no small part of the other-so when they are together in a single place both strongly emphasizes.


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