CMYK color printing

CMYK color printing

Utilization of color in graphic design – prepress really is a effective tool to generate an emotional response by consumers. When applied adequately, color has a mighty impact on how consumers can accept the product, service or company. To determine the correct color selection, graphic designer should do cautiously observation.

TYPES OF COLOR –  In graphic design you can find three main color types:

  1.  CMYK
  2.  RGB
  3. Pantone CMYK

CMYK – means (cyan, magenta, yellow, carbon (black)). With combination of these four colors in theory we can easily make all other colors.

RGB – refers to red, green, and blue. This variety of colors is used for what we see on display of computer monitor or TV.

PANTONE – Pantone colors are employed in a process of printing where we want to have exact color matching, so when we want uniformity of colors it is the best to make use of Pantone colors.For example, if somebody intends to print catalog about his firm he will do it applying CMYK model yet he’ll use Pantone color ( known as spot color) for his company’s logo simply to be sure that logo will appears exactly as he wants to be. Use of Pantone (spot) colors will escalate expenses of printing but it is vital when we need to accomplish uniform look of printed material.The only restrict of Pantone colors (however it is the same to all other colors) is their dependence of the type of paper or cardboard on which they will be printed.


Colors could have different interpretation in different nations. In China white is the color of death. Softer and stronger colors interests consumer with modest incomes despite the fact that clients with highest salaries commonly use more delicate colors.

Color Rainbow Strips

Color Rainbow Strips


When doing design designer must have argument for selecting the color he’s going to work with, if not how he is going to convince the contracting authority that the color he select will be the right one for his project?Here are a few of definitions linked with color:

  • Blue: – sky – sea – water – trust – wisdom – trust – loyalty – stability – faith – peace
  • Red: – fire – love – energy – passion – power – danger – heat – warning
  • Green:  -money – growth – envy – loyalty – stability – fertility – environmentally
  • Yellow: -energy – sun – creativity – happiness
  • Orange: – sunlight – joy – success – encouragement – autumn
  • Purple: – power – luxury – nobleness – nobility – spirituality
  • Brown: – earth – stability – organic – open space