Colorful inks except wavelength are also characterized by three properties:

  1. Tone of ink or tonality of color of inks quality is determined by the wavelength of light rays, which cause the sensation in the eye and color. That is, quality property from which a colorful ink varies from gray. The color of tone indicates type of ink or ink itself.
  2. The degree of saturation or the amount of white is a measure of color saturation or ink purity. The degree of saturation is talking about the absence of white in a colorful ink. A small degree of saturation is said that the color is pale.
  3. The degree of darkness, brightness, or luminance is content of black in a
    colorful ink. In the degree of darkness in which black gives the greatest degree of darkness, means that the tone of ink is equal to zero.

The color that is determined by three characteristics of tone, brightness and saturation can be described in the diagram with 3 color coordinates or in cylindrical coordinate system.

hsv space

hsv space

– Saturation is the color distance to the radius vector from the achromatic axis.
As much as the distance from the achromatic color axis is greater, the greater is the saturation of colors.

The color that is determined with these three characteristics of tone, brightness and saturation can be described in a diagram with three color coordinates and the cylindrical coordinate system.

On the psychophysical characteristics of inks are coming adjacent to the physical quantities:

  • Tone of ink represents the dominant wavelength.
  • Saturation is the purity.
  • Brightness is the physical size of illumination.
HSL color cylinder

HSL color cylinder

The tone and saturation together are producers of chromaticity of ink.