During the last Drupa, Bobst with the number of visitors confirmed that with plans for the development of equipment and services, including equipment for digital printing and finishing are on the right track to meet the production challenges that customers expect in the future.Emilio Corti, Director of Sales in Bobst pointed out that the last Drupa for the company was a huge success.

Bobst - Die cutting machine

Bobst – Die cutting machine

It was introduced advanced technology for die cutting, hot stamping and folding-gluing with new service packs.

Customer reaction was excellent, as was reflected in a number of generated orders. Opportunity to talk with customers of Bobst’s equipment, their expectations in terms of quality, productivity and the availability of the machine, were the most important part of participating in the fair, and the received information were disclosed in Bobst’s research and development department. At the same time, it was confirmed that the programs developed from Bobst conform to their expectations, and finally the green light was obtained for both conventional and digital equipment.

Emilio Corti said: “We presented the results of studies for the digital press to many customers and received positive responses. They think that we are on the right track and that the solutions we develop are exactly what they need in the future. “

Large numbers of visitors to the Bobst’s stand were the printers from emerging markets (one of four visitors came from the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

Latest Bobst - DRUPA 2012

Bobst at Drupa 2012

Corti said that technological development unveiled at these printing fair meets the needs of Bobst’s customers especially in these emerging markets, where there is a clear trend towards high quality packaging.

“Despite the problems in the world economy, two thirds of customers had projects that they would like to discuss with us, and these conversations results with new orders,” says Corti.

Service for the happy customer

With the launch of the new equipment at Drupa printing fair, Bobst was unveiled and new maintenance services – new remote service applications Mobile Portal Monitoring machines using smart phones and tablets, as well as boost my Bobst program that provides a web portal for users who want to upgrade older generation machines.

Visitors to the fair are truly appreciated our approach to service, Corti said, adding that they really wanted to hear about the problems that customers encounter.

Bobst so once again confirmed its status as a reference supplier when it comes to service.